Perfectly Cooked Eggs

Perfectly cooked eggs are definitely one of my favorite foods. There is something so satisfying about that creamy flavor. I have to have it for every breakfast! Scrambled eggs are delicious and we’ll over that in another post, but my personal favorite is over easy and over medium. You need just a couple ingredients and a little time and you’ve got perfectly cooked eggs good for breakfast or even dinners like Thai dishes!

🍳 5 Large Eggs

🍳 1.25 Cups of Water

🍳 Black Pepper

🍳 Chives

🍳 Heat up the water into a medium skillet on medium heat.

🍳 Crack open the eggs. You can cook them one at a time or all 5 at a time.

🍳 While they are still runny, crack black pepper on top of the eggs. This will make sure that the black pepper is incorporated into the eggs, making it even more delicious!

🍳 They will be done between 5-7 minutes. 

🍳 When they are done you can plate and sprinkle with chives. Mmm! 


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