Potato Gnocchi from Scratch

This is my first time making gnocchi! It was so relaxing,
actually. There is something about making pasta that calms you and also makes
you feel like you’ve really done something. It’s beautiful, really. I know I
may be bias and all, since I am Italian and pasta is truly a part of my blood,
but there’s something so satisfying about seeing these beautiful ingredients
come together in a beautiful fluffy noodle. They go with any kind of sauce you
can imagine. This week, I am eating them with a Mushroom & Herb Sauce, but
I love gnocchis with alfredo, pesto, and Bolognese.  
Aye, now I am hungry!




⸙ 1 Cup of Mashed Gold Potatoes (Two potatoes for me)

⸙ 2 Cups of Flour

⸙ 1 Egg

⸙ Salt

⸙ Extra flour for rolling the dough



⸙ Peel potatoes. Chop potatoes into quarters. Boil until
mashable and then mash. Leave out as much water as you can.

⸙ Place the flour in a large circle on your counter. Leave a
space in the middle for the egg.

⸙ Place the potatoes on top of the flour. Add the egg to the

⸙ Start to mix it all together. Knead it well. At first it
will feel dry, but trust me, it will become sticky. It will take a few minutes
of kneading.

⸙ After it is all in a ball, separate it into 6 even parts.
This will help you manage it easier.

⸙ Start rolling them out into thin snake-like shapes. Use
extra flour if it gets too sticky. Sometimes, instead of rolling, I will use
patting motions to get it into the shape I need. It gets the job done and that’s
what it’s about right?

⸙ Cut the pasta snakes (heh) into half inch pieces.

⸙ You’re welcome to put them into boiling salted hot water from
there. They are done as soon as they float (about 2 minutes).

⸙ If you want the classic ridges in your gnocchi, then just
take a fork and push it into each piece, then put it into the water.

This is so easy. I know it sounds like a lot, but it truly
isn’t hard at all!



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