Spinach & Cheese Omelet (Plus, omelet tips!)

Omelet. Omelette. Omelete. Who the heck knows how to spell it? All we know is that we love to eat it! Omelets can be scary to make. It can go wrong so fast for so many people. The omelets break and all mess breaks lose. However, there is a very simple science to this and once you see my key tips, you’ll never fear the omelet again! Here I have a classic omelet. The Spinach and Mushroom. Veg filled, tasty, and healthy! Make ir to start your morning off right! 


Servings: 5 | Calories per Serving: 181


⸙ 10 Eggs

⸙ Black Pepper

⸙ Red Pepper

⸙ Garlic Powder

⸙ 4 Ounces White Button Mushrooms

⸙ 2 Cups Raw Spinach

⸙ 1 Roma Tomato

⸙ 1/4 Cup Shredded Italian Cheese Blend

⸙ 2 Stalks Green Onion


⸙ You want to start with chopping the veggies because when you make omelets you have to work face.

⸙ Slice the mushrooms thinly. Chop the roma tomato into small pieces. Chop the green onion.  

⸙ Measure out your cheese and spinach.

⸙ Set the ingredients aside, but in easy reach to your stove.

⸙ In a bowl, whisk well two eggs with red pepper, black pepper and garlic powder.

⸙ In a small non-stick skillet heated to medium low, pour the egg mixture.

⸙ Swirl the pan gently to make an even layered egg base.

⸙ Let it cook for just a minute, but make sure the eggs are still runny on top, so that your veggies hold to the egg.

⸙ Place the mushrooms on one half of the egg.

⸙ Place the spinach next.

⸙ Throw a bit of the roma tomatoes over the spinach.

⸙ Take a pinch or so of the cheese and sprinkle it over the entire egg mixture.

⸙ Now, wait another minute to let the veggies set into the egg.

⸙ Now, here is usually the part everyday dreads, but it really is super easy.

⸙ The biggest mistake is that people wait too long to combine both halves of the egg. Once you wait too long, it wont stick together and the egg becomes too stiff to maneuver without cracking.

⸙ So, the perfect time to combine the two halves is when the egg is still wet on top, but firm on the bottom.

⸙ Take a spatula and loosen the egg on the bottom.

⸙ Take a pair of tongs and grab the side of he egg that has no veggies on it. Yes, I said tongs. The best helpful trick ever! Stop using a spatula for flipping the one side on the other.

⸙ Now, pull the egg with the tongs over the other half.

⸙ Smash the omelet together with the spatula.

⸙ Let cook a minute and you’re done.

⸙ Plate and sprinkle on some of the green onions!

⸙ Its so easy and quick once you get the hang of it!


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