I love taking leftovers and creating new dishes or different takes on it. Last week I made a pork roast, but I had WAY too much meat left over. I loved the flavor, but wanted to do something just a little bit different. I decide to go with a soup. It has all the same classic flavors, but in a more warming and comforting way. Its delicious, nutritious and so easy you don’t even have to think about it. I hope you enjoy this take on the classic!


Serving Size: 1 Cup | Servings: 12 | Calories per Serving: 55


✺ 7 Ounces of Boneless Pork Loin

 3 Gold Potatoes

 25 Baby Carrots

 1 Yellow Onion

 3 Garlic Cloves

 4 Cups Chicken Broth

 2 Cups Water

 Parsley and Black Pepper


 Slice the potatoes in 6ths or bite size pieces.

 Slice the onion and chop the baby carrots in half.

 Place the pork loin and veggies in the crockpot.

 Pour in the chicken broth and the two cups of water.

 Sprinkle heavily with parsley and black pepper.

 Cook for 8 hours on low.

Bowl up and devour!


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