I am a fan of cuisine from all different cultures. Food is the language of the world. We can understand each other through food and there is nothing more fun than experimenting 1with different flavors. I wanted to go with some middle eastern and Mediterranean flavors this week. It sounded so delicious and its something I don’t do enough of. Breakfast was hard, but when in doubt always go with a frittata. So, here you have it – a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired frittata!


Servings: 5 | Calories per Serving: 122


❉ 5 Eggs

 1 Small to Medium Zucchini

 2 Roma Tomatoes

 1/4 Cup Garbanzo Beans / Chickpeas

 1 Ounce Pitted Kalmata Olives (About 5 Olives)

 1 Tablespoon Feta Cheese (About 1/2 an Ounce)

 Cardamom, Coriander Seed Ground, Black Pepper, Curry Powder, Paprika, Turmeric, and Cumin


 Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

 Chop the zucchini into half moon pieces and place at the bottom of a round pan.

 Slice the tomatoes into round pieces and place over the zucchini.

 Place the chickpeas on top.

 Slice the kalmata olives in half and place on top.

 Whisk the eggs and spices together and then pour over the veggies. (Don’t worry if the eggs don’t cover the veggies, they will puff up in the oven.)

 Cook for 20 minutes.

 Sprinkle the feta on top.

Serve and enjoy!


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