I love working with new foods and flavors and I have never used or eaten rutabaga, so I wanted to incorporate it into one of my dishes. I thought, with its potato type texture, it would be great to roast with other veggies and pair well with some runny eggs! Its an easy recipe, but it does take time. I can promise you though, its worth it! The flavors are perfect for any time of year and I am sure you’ll wonder like I did how you haven’t come across this yummy veg before!


Servings:4 | Serving Size: 2 Cups Roasted Veggies with 2 Eggs | Calories per Serving: 248


🌽 8 Cups Chopped Rutabaga

🌽 2 Cans Quartered Artichoke Hearts

🌽 1 Medium Yellow Onion

🌽 3/4 Cup of Corn

🌽 4 Garlic Cloves

🌽 1 Tablespoon EVOO

🌽 8 Large Eggs

🌽 Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Parsley, and Cilantro


🌽 Chop the onion and garlic cloves.

🌽 In a large skillet heat up the EVOO on medium high heat. Once it is ready, place the onion and garlic.

🌽 Chop the rutabaga while the veggies cook.

🌽 Add the rutabaga, corn, and artichoke hearts to the pan.

🌽 Sprinkle in some red pepper, black pepper and parsley and mix well.

🌽 While this is cooking boil the 8 eggs for 6 minutes. As soon as 6 minutes is done place the eggs into cold water, so they stop cooking.

🌽 Mix the veggies in the pan often, so they don’t burn and they cook evenly. It will take a while for the rutabaga to go through.

🌽 Once cooked, place 2 cups of the veggie mixture into a bowl.

🌽 Peel two eggs. The eggs should be cooked, but the yolks will be runny.

🌽 Place the eggs on top, then sprinkle on some more red pepper flakes and fresh cilantro.

Eat up!


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